We took a little break from DIY’ing on Sunday to visit Columbia Flower market and Boxpark, a pop-up mall in Shoreditch, East London.

It opened up at Christmas and since I only just got the chance for a visit it, I thought it was worth a share. BOXPARK is made from shipping containers and is designed as temporary retail space. It has a pretty good mix of fashion and lifestyle brands with galleries and cafes set on the upper level. (It was hard walking away from the cozy OnePiece)

I was more excited about the place itself, with it’s stripped back, refitting of shipping containers, exposed steel frames and timber patios above. The plan is for it to be open for five years where it can then be packed up a moved elsewhere.

While looking through my fav blog this morning, I came across this amazing image by April and Maytaken in Soho New York. Readers in New York, if you’ve been here let me know how it is. From the backward sign, I think it’s called Tapas y Comida… but I could be wrong.

I was just too excited by the raw industrial look and all the mismatched chairs!

By the way, did you notice that the freelance job market has risen considerably in the past few months with many clients asking for skilled professionals to fill their broadcast jobs, market research jobs, and marketing jobs. Part of the reason for this is the uncertainty as to what the long-term economy will bring, although there are also a large number of roles that have been created in the London job market as a result of the 2016 London Events (Rugby World Cup, Marathon and many others , where many firms want to make the most of this opportunity to build their brand presence and introduce campaigns and projects which will raise their profile to the global market.

There has also been considerable speculation that 2015 will see a rise in the traditional marketing aspects that are often overlooked by many new start-up businesses in favor of the ever-growing online advertising sector. One such area favored to see a return in more marketing budgets is direct mail and advertorials, with feedback in support of the ease of tracking ROI and competitive pricing models offered in these mediums compared to previous years.

Any increase in any return to (or more likely) an inclusion of, the traditional marketing activities like direct mail and advertorials will certainly offer opportunities to widen the recruitment net to job seekers not as familiar in the online adverting arena and maybe a very welcome offline demand for new talented individuals.

Certainly, this is a fantastic opportunity for marketer s to gain access to a global market that they would not usually be able to access.  Till the next time.