Welcome to our white kitchen

It feel like the week has just flown by again. It was possibly helped with the lovely long weekend we had. Unfortunately I haven’t attended to dot dot dash and much as I would have like to this week, but as I said last week, life gets in the way some times.

Let’s make an entrance…

FINALLY! All the hard work over the past several weeks is really starting to show! As I’ve mentioned a few times, we’ve been trying to give own flat some much needed love without breaking the bank.

We bought our first flat a few years ago, so that we could get on the property ladder. Our hope was to do very little to it, but over the last year or so we’ve really started to lack in storage and our kitchen was needing a little bit of love.

So a white kitchen, “not so bad, just a little messy” you might say, but we were desperately needing more storage. Our ikea floating shelves weren’t long enough, and more ikea hacking to hold our microwave and bins. The stovetop / hob had already been replaced before we took photos, but you can only imagine!

Lastly, the timber effect back-splash that runs along the whole kitchen was not useful / not high enough causing some of our favourite meals to start staining the white wall behind.




Although we don’t have the space to achieve the grandness of this white kitchen, for us it was more about the details of this kitchen:

1. We wanted to maintain the white kitchen

2. We loved the white subway tiles as a back-splash and;

3. We wanted a built in shelving unit that could store everything we needed, hide our bins a little better and give a home to our microwave and nespresso machine.

And here’s how it turned out:

The new white subway tiled back-splash looks great against the black and aluminium detailing.


A new built-in shelving unit: we now no longer fear our glasses crashing down from the unstable ikea floating shelves; the lower shelves are in line with the counter for a cleaner look. Having a built in shelving unit meant we could clear out some of the clutter in the cupboards and pick up these mason jars:

Still missing:

We are missing one last thing though … a clock to go above the sink.

We’ve looked at some beautiful progetti clocks and I’m loving the plywood clock I posted last week … But still nothing has been quite right either size-wise or look-wise. So the search continues! I promise to post it once that’s bought and up!

If you’ve got any ideas for a simple clock, ideally not all black, I would love to hear / see them.

Amazing house design

First of all, thanks for all your lovely comments yesterday! I was feeling a little sorry for myself, hiding away in bed sick. Not completely recovered, but at least back at work and back to real life.

I did manage to pick up my laptop for a little bit yesterday and started dream flat shopping (although we’ve in no state to start thinking about a move for at least a few years) … but a girl can dream!

And I did, when I came across this home design…I discovered this Malaysian firm, WHBC Architects

A little speechless if I’m honest…

The kitchen and ground floor bedroom opens up to a back patio. Relatively open plan, love the kitchen nook over looking the patio (although definitely not loving the white semi shag carpet, artichoke light, side lamp, acrylic tables…) Brand new simple bathroom: a little beige, but I’d definitely put up with it for a few years…The ground floor bedroom / office space shares the  patio with the kitchen, yes please. The decor of the place is not really my thing (some strange use of colours and furniture choices), but as a shell, this would be so perfect!









The Unexpected Chic

The focus today is colour, coming right from the globally recognized colour gurus themselves, Pantone. Pantone has chosen a powerful punch of a red-orange for the  Colour of The Year, and it’s called Tangerine Tango!

It’s meant to reflect a revitalising energy that we all need and crave as we pull out of this tough economic stint. I can’t help but feel a bit peppier when I look at it! According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, the shade is “Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, with a lot of depth to it. Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”


Tangerine Tango is definitely a cross-genre trend colour that looks as gorgeous in fashion and beauty as it does in interior and industrial design. Try adding a pop of fire to your nails or lips, or a fun accent to your living space.

And below, some awesome shopping finds to bring some citrusy energy to your kitchen, living room or bedroom!



Btw, finally!! We have a little sunshine this morning! But I’m not going to get too excited as the weather has been absolutely dreadful. I’m really starting to get sick of this temperamental London weather… please decide if you want to be sunny and warm, cold, rainy, cloudy, foggy … just not all in one day.

As I know it probably won’t last, let’s have some virtual sunshine!

Touch of sunshine with lemons – a dot dot dash favourite! I am loving the white marble breakfast bar, but not so much the giant ceramic pineapple…I hope you’re having a lovely sunny day!

This week we have another special guest, Liivi from The Unexpected Chic

Simply Fabulous Chic

My love for vintage stuff


I’ve really been into vintage things lately… It makes me happy to find that one special thing. It made me wonder the other day why I love it so much. Is it because of my melancholic nature? 😉 Or maybe it’s just because vintage looks great and it gives the right feel in any home, modern, classic or even eclectic?

Today I’ll be showing you my 4 favourite items I love to have for my own home.

Sweet soda crates

I already have an old Coca Cola crate, filled with old Coke bottles, thanks to friends of us who kindly gave one to me… And since then I’m ever looking for another perfect find to match my coca cola crate. To me it’s eye candy.

And look at how you can also reuse those old crates: put plants in them, use them as a coffee table, etc. Just adorable!


Vintage dresser to drool over

Imagine you find a little old dresser somewhere totally unexpected, that is so cute you have to take it home? I still dream of that scenario because I still haven’t found the perfect one for my house.

If I found one like this, I wouldn’t want to change a thing about it! I am totally in love with this one…

Not so scary skeleton keys

Don’t they say that keys are the way to your heart? They’re also the way to your front door of your most treasured home. And I think there’s something special about old keys… Especially skeleton keys. An old man once told me most of them may look the same, but every single one is totally different. They don’t make those keys anymore, because it’s too difficult to duplicate one key. Pure craftmanship. But it’s not only that, it also decorates your home beautifully


Talk that talk in your telephone

The one last thing I’d die to have in my home is a (still) working phone…

Maybe in a vibrant colour, like this one! I’d love to have one that is still working. Hard too find apparantly. Anyway, this is something that would look amazing in my interior. Anyone’s interior actually…

That were my top 4 favourite items for the home! I had so much fun writing this, and I hope you had fun reading it.