Working for yourself, from employee to entrepreneur is the end goal of a new career. But the transition from employee to entrepreneur is like climbing over a wall.

Got the Guts To Be an Entrepreneur?

Remember the Berlin Wall? During the Cold War when East and West were separated by that infamous wall, many freedom-seekers risked being shot by border guards while attempting to climb over that wall.

If you choose the parallel career way to be an entrepreneur, you are as brave as those freedom-seekers. You are willing to take risks (calculated ones though), make changes and set goals for your future.

The fear of the unknown and the fear of failure are two phobias that grip many people when they think of a career change from employee to entrepreneur.
Change is often frightening and uncomfortable. Most people prefer to remain where they are, in their comfort zone if given a choice until events and circumstances force them to wake up!

Prepare Yourself

The advantage of the parallel career way is that the transition from employee to entrepreneur occurs while you still have a job and getting a salary. There’s less rolling in bed at night thinking about where the next dollar (or euro, peso, pound..) will come from.

You wake up and still have familiar work surroundings to go to. At work, you meet colleagues, follow procedures that you are used to and get all the support you need from your company.
But you’ll have to prepare yourself for that day when you finally decide to quit your job and go full-time with your parallel career.

Start thinking like an entrepreneur

No more paychecks no more company rules and no more bosses. When you are self-employed you have no one to turn to for all those office tasks that someone in some department used to handle – bill payments, stock counts, maintenance, software installation, advertising, etc. These tasks are now your baby. You have to be a multi-tasker. Suddenly you’re the receptionist, bookkeeper store manager, marketing executive, cleaner.
And most importantly you’re the salesperson – you have to get customers!

Stop waiting for instructions

As an employee, you take instructions on tasks and assignments, but as an entrepreneur, you have to be a self-starter. Youll have to motivate yourself to get things done. No one will be giving you any instructions.
You’ll have to plan your work and work your plan. You decide when to work and when to stop.

Set your goals and achieve them

You plan your days and set your own targets. You set and monitor your goals long-term, medium-term and short-term goals.
Blame yourself if these goals are not achieved by their deadlines.

It’s Worth It!

Though your career change from employee to entrepreneur the parallel career way is filled with many challenges, its worth it.
Your career destiny is now in your hands. You don’t have to prove to anybody how hard-working you are. No office politics and no corporate BS. All your actions, activities and efforts are geared towards your set goals.

You don’t have to impress anyone with polished written reports or beautiful words. You don’t have to sell your ideas to get them accepted and implemented. No more sitting through lengthy meetings listening to business strategies from others that you totally disagree with.

In shortchanging your career from employee to entrepreneur is worth it. If not for the money, surely for the freedom to mold your own destiny!