What a fabulously busy week it’s been! Since I got a little busy a didn’t have time to do a proper ‘Five’ post yesterday, I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve been up to recently.

What a week! It has definitely been a hectic one. Last weekend we spent the time joining in on London’s Canada Day celebrations. It was great seeing Trafalgar Square full of fellow Canadians decked out in Red, White and Roots!

Monday came around and it started off with a few days of late nights getting ready for a client meeting. Fingers crossed it all goes well! The week has also been filled with imagery which clearly is influencing today’s Five post.

1) I’ve been on a bit of a mad baking spree and I’ve discovered this amazing homemade granola recipe. It’s super simple, just takes a bit of time, plus makes loads.

(2) Another little discovery were these fabulous lemon crinkle cookies although mine didn’t turn out so pretty, they were mighty tasty.

(3) I finally finished knitting my first pillow! It’s missing its pair, but finally one is done as it’s been months since I first started it.


(4) It seems like it was a week of shows this week. First went to Magic Mike on Wednesday. (Beautiful men and awkwardly funny, but definitely not the best film I’ve seen recently) This was one-up’ed by the Blood Brothers Musical my mom took to last night. Absolutely fabulous! Again, not the best, but such a good story and great music.

(5) Lastly, I’ve been trying to get my outfits ready for my Brother’s four-day Tuscan wedding extravaganza in September and I found these fabulous Nine West shoes (on sale!)

Have a fabulous weekend!