Advertising is a unique industry that harnesses creativity to attract public attention. It is tremendously exciting and full of personal rewards due to its changing nature. The substance of this profession is creativity, requiring you to continually look for innovative ways to capture the attention of your audience. So here we’ll take a closer look at Graphic Design and Advertising Education.

Because of the competitiveness of the advertising industry, it is often difficult to get your foot in the door without the proper training or experience. Choose a school below and request information.

Start A Career in Advertising and Design!

A career in advertising design offers an opportunity to combine creativity and hard work. In order to excel in this field, you must have an obvious esthetic sense and the ability to communicate with others and deal well with problems.

If you wish to develop these skills, consider attending an advertising design school. At an advertising design school, you will learn about the latest design techniques and you will build a strong design portfolio.

Why You Need a Degree in Advertising and Design

The fact is, most entry-level positions within the design field require a bachelor’s degree. For some positions, a master’s degree is preferred. And considering the tough competition in today’s workforce, you should do whatever you can to set yourself apart from your opposition. If you’re a truly creative person, and I guess you are, there’s no need to defend your work! You are the artist and your skills just need to be polished a bit. Perhaps!

Types of Advertising and Design Programs

Two- and three-year programs generally award certificates or associate degrees. Graduates of these programs can work as assistants to designers or they can continue their education to earn a bachelor’s degree. So just kick off your new creative education project! There’s nothing that should hold you back. Right?

Four-year programs award a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The curriculum includes studio art and art history, principles of design, designing and sketching, and specialized studies.

Employment Opportunities in Advertising and Design

If you learn about computer technologies at an advertising design school, you may have an easier time landed a job in your field. This is because companies are relying on visual software as a design tool. Please keep in mind that success is about than money only! A rewarding career and artistic liberty are fine ingredients as well.

But you may take an alternate route and choose to work on a freelance basis. In order to do so successfully, you may want to consider a program that also offers a liberal arts education to learn management and business skills.

However, if you choose to pursue a career in advertising design, consider the benefits of an advertising design school. With a degree behind you, you may have a better chance of landing an appropriate and rewarding job.

Graphic Design Education

Why work for a living when you can design for a living? Let this post help you prepare for a successful graphic designing career if you’ve got what it takes to kick-start your career. Keep in mind, though, to be really dedicated when you submit your college application. Your future depends on it.

The Need for Graphic Designers

The good news is that there is a real demand for experienced graphic designers. With burgeoning web-based companies, movie companies, and video firms, there is a need for experts in electronic and film media.

Graphic Design Requirements

For most entry-level graphic design positions, you will need a bachelor’s degree. However, you may choose to earn a Masters of Fine Arts. See also this post about how search engine marketing can impact your career. You’ll love that post!

Something to keep in mind: some schools will not allow you to join their bachelor’s degree program unless you have already completed basic art and design courses. In fact, when applying to a bachelor’s degree programs, you may be required to submit sketches or other proof or your design ability.

After graduating from a graphic design school, you will be expected to work one to three years in a type of apprenticeship program, after which you will be eligible for a promotion.

Graphic Design Career Opportunities

Many graphic design jobs are available to a talented and focused graphic designer who has finished all the formal training. For example, you may choose to work in any of the following fields:

* newspaper, magazine, or book publishing
* advertising
* signage or environmental graphics
* computer interfaces
* multimedia
* TV and movie production

According to The American Institute of Graphic Arts, there is enormous potential in the graphic design field but be aware that Social Media and Getting a Life are often conflicting things in life.

In 2016, the entry-level salary was around $49,000, while supervisory positions earned upwards of $65,000. Even freelance graphic designers brought in around $69,000 while principals of major companies enjoyed salaries of over $98,000.

The Need for Formal Graphic Design Training

It makes sense that many imaginative, talented people wish to work in a design-related field. It can be a very rewarding experience to surround yourself with creative, hard-working types. What’s more, in certain situations it can also be extremely lucrative.

Not surprising then, there is competition within the design world to land the top jobs. Those who lack formal training may find it difficult to secure a position. Therefore, if you wish to make a living as a graphic designer, it makes sense to attend a graphic design school before pounding the pavement for a job.