Since I started blogging I have been asked countless times by my non-blogging friends how they can help me.  My friends are sincere when they say they want to help, they just don’t know how to do it! To those of us who blog, or who work in social media this might seem like a no-brainer, but the average person doesn’t think in terms of page views, and bounce rates, so I thought a little translation would be appreciated! So, learn how you can support your friend’s new blog and feel free to share these tips with any of your non-blogging friends so they can help you as well!

For bloggers, it’s all about traffic and that means page views.  If you’re a non-internet speaking person a page view is what occurs every single time you are online and click a website to open it.  If you stay on that site long enough for the entire page to load, you have given the website owner credit for a one-page view that day and one unique visitor (you!).

For potential advertisers and sponsors, these are the numbers that matter to them.  Attracting more visitors, and achieving more pageviews makes your website a better investment for them.  If your friend is trying to make money with their new website, this is what they’re working towards!

The easiest way for you to help your friend is to visit their blog each day.

The second way is to leave comments on their posts! From this, you may even get new and great ideas for future posts and projects.

The third way is to click the ads they are displaying on their site if they have any.

The fourth way is to share the posts on your own social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.  This encourages your online connections to also visit the friend’s blog!

The fifth and often times most forgotten way to help is to “like” or follow all the website’s social media pages.  Encourage your friends to like her Facebook page as well so they see her updates even if you miss sharing them.

If you’re reading this because you are a blogger, everything I said here probably seems like “Doh! I could’ve had a V8!” but if you’re reading this because you have a friend who started a new blog, or a website, you may be wondering how can you help?  This is how!  Share their content, view their site, comment, let them know you like what they’re doing!  That’s the biggest compliment any of us can ever receive.

Blogging can be scary at times, we’re pouring our hearts, and thoughts out into the Internet.  Sometimes we feel like we are talking to ourselves, or only to our blogging friends who comment regularly.  But our fellow bloggers are not our target audience.  We love them, don’t get me wrong, but our target audience is the rest of the world.  Hearing we are touching your heart, or making you think, or laugh, or that you enjoyed our recipe, or hated our recipe, or think we’re off our rockers–it all means MORE than you can ever know! So if you’re thinking about launching a new campaign, allow comments on your site.