The weeks are flying by and it’s been hard to even keep up with one post a week. Life is good, just crazy mental trying to figure out my step really. As promised to my student readers, here are some thoughts about completing final projects such as writing a thesis:

Final project or thesis is a requirement of a student completing his studies. Some students think this is the toughest stage in all stages of lecture-even some of them are not able to finish it. In general, the obstacles often faced by students in completing the final project/thesis is 90% of their internal self and the rest are from external factors, such as lecturers uncooperative, unfavorable economic conditions and luck (the will of the one above). Here are tips effectively complete the thesis/Final Assignment:

1. Intention & Motivation. The first step you should do-and the most heavily-is cultivate in yourself that the thesis is the only bridge your future or in other words your door to ‘out’ of the campus as well as ‘entry’ into the world of work. It is true without any degree you can get a job, but it certainly packed a bachelor’s degree will be better able to increase your chances of getting a better job.

Remember, in Indonesia, is still usance to be holding the strong principle of “To Each According To His Diploma” instead of “To Each According To His Skills”, so seberapun smart you are, but without a college degree will not be appreciated. Create your personal motivation, such as: “If you do not graduate from college you will decide your lover”, “With a job, you can prove something to someone”, “Completing studies faster will ease the burden of the parents” or “With a steady job, You will more easily find the right path in your life “and so on. I used this technique also to motivate students to apply for GED Classes.

2. Search Titles & References. Once you have the motivation, then you have been through half the journey towards graduation. The next step is to determine the title of your thesis. You can dig and pour the things that tickle you through your thesis. But remember, you do not need a too idealistic thesis in progress. Why? Since the thesis is not your ultimate goal in college, but only a condition and means ‘exit gate’ you into the world of work. Your final goal is to obtain a steady job. You may be the idealistic soul you can save for later distributed in the world of work. To find inspiration thesis title is easy, you can start with your campus library or if possible flagship campus of the University library for a particular field of education.
To be continued…

As always, we love getting to know our little part of London’s East End even more and we’ve come across this great new restaurant. Unfortunately, we still haven’t had time to visit, but it will definitely be soon.

The red-painted concrete wall with the timber tower locates it really well.

Whitewashed industrial interior (definitely my kind of place!)

The timber and leather booths add warmth to the space:

Simple details: industrial lighting, exposed services, timber paneling….

Have a lovely Week