So, I’m so busy at work that we decided to hire a new assistant, but the whole process made me think about the whole hiring/education/exams things. While recruiting an employee most of the companies only seek educational information. But it is important to know about many other things about a person to avoid any future problem. So, it is essential to carry out pre-employment screening before appointing an employee.

Employment screening will help you to verify

  • Educational record. For example, many people think that reporting getting a GED in NYC while applying for a job in San Diego will allow them to get a job without checking credentials but it’s not the case. Potential Employers can check this stuff pretty easy. Getting in touch with online classes providers is easy too.
  • Criminal history
  • Past records
  • Social security number
  • Residential address

This screening process will help you to select a perfect employee for an organization. But sometimes a company thinks that it is a mere waste of money to perform employee screening. But this is not the actual case. Checking employee’s background will reduce chances of industrial theft and disruptions. You have to face legal consequences if any kind of problem arises.

But before you hire a company to perform background check seek authorization from the applicant. It is not legal to hide the process. Once the probable employee gives consent you can appoint an experienced company to perform the process.

Degrees and Diploma

Suppose you are planning to take up further studies, and there are many courses to choose from. So now what do you think will be the best for you? It may be so that after completion of your studies you might want to continue staying in that particular country.

However, a few tips can help you out in solving the confusion that you have been facing lately.

1)      You must indulge in studying something that really attracts you. You must not be lured into taking up a course which would only give you the opportunity to stay away in some other country permanently. This is because you might face various difficulties with regards to doing well in near future, with the subject you intend to take. This can prove to be hazardous to your career since you might fail to flourish in the particular line. Rather it would be better if you could take up some course that would help you build your career.

2)      The minimum span of each master’s degree course is two years. You need to take up one, that would compliment your occupation, otherwise, the whole thing would turn out to be a sheer gloss

3)      Your course must include subjects that are related to the occupation you are about to undertake. Or else the Department of Immigration would not allow you the permit to take up a degree or diploma course in some other country.

4)      If you are studying a Bachelor’s degree course, then it would be wise enough for you to apply for a Master’s Degree Plan after the completion of the former. This would promise you with some extra benefits.

Some of the important international degrees and diplomas that can be considered if you intend to take up studies abroad are

1) Continuing Degree: these usually include classes for adults who devote some time from their hectic schedule in learning lessons that would actually help them in while executing their job

2) Bachelor’s Degree: this is a full-time course and requires about 3-4 years in completion. It is the milestone in higher education.

3) Master’s Degree: this is a two-year program and usually taken up after the bachelor’s degree is completed. It is one of the most important of all courses

4) Doctoral Degree: this is the pioneering of all degree courses and takes several years to complete. The person who has undertaken a Doctoral Degree is given the highly esteemed title of a Ph.D. or a doctorate in the specific subject.

So what are you waiting for? Just choose from a wide range of courses, but be sure to choose the right subject, which would help you in building up your career.