Brand Awareness campaigns help to get your brand and its products into the mind of potential consumers. In this post, I will explain how we help our client, the educational portal, build strong relationships with people in order to create a great brand image that is synonymous with the morals and attributes that the company regards as important.

Creating a great brand awareness campaign is imperative especially in the technology and education (so-called Ed-tech) where things are constantly changing and if the mark isn’t quite hit then a product launch could fall flat. Here are four steps to take when creating a tech, edu, or Ed-tech brand awareness campaign.

Make It Foolproof 

You need to make your products appeal to the people out there that may not instantly understand your solution. By catering to technology fans with the use of industry-specific language but also including everyone else with a more simplistic explanation you can widen your receptive audience. For example, when we worked with we started a campaign about new geolocation technology used for finding HSE prep classes in Los Angeles. We always explain what digital learning for HSE means. In this way, we reached a wider audience. Not only to educators but also to many students who didn’t consider the online learning option before.

Make It Exciting 

It may be a bit of cliché that new technology is always promoted with bright colors, shiny effects, and a cool soundtrack but this helps to capture the emotion involved in buying a new piece of tech. New technology is exciting and so your tech PR and marketing should be exciting too. By personifying this emotive response you can tap into the minds of the people that are most likely to buy your products and spark a reaction.

Include As Much Details As Possible

With technology products and technology for education, there is often a lot more than meets the eye with regards to what they can do and so it is important to not miss out any valuable details. Some people may be familiar with what the product is capable of but others may not even realize the extent to which it can perform. By going into the finer details you will be able to create interest from people who may not have ever heard of your brand as well as those that have been long-term followers. Use print screens and videos. 

Have A Crisis Plan Ready 

In PR and brand awareness campaigns it is always important to have a crisis management plan ready should things go a bit pear-shaped. This is arguably more important with education and technology as there is always the chance that a digital product will not work effectively and this could create a public backlash.

This was seen in 2009 when Toyota had to recall a large number of vehicles because of a problem related to unintentional acceleration. In these situations, it is important to first take responsibility for any mistakes that have been made and then work on rebuilding relationships and repairing the brand image.