As some of you are aware, I am now in limbo between second and final year – it’s the summer holidays and I’m not due back at the university until October, so I have a load of free time on my hands. And a lot of this time, so far, has been spent thinking about the future and what I want to do. I know I want to work in arts marketing. I know I want to be fairly well placed on the career ladder. And I also know that I don’t want to spend the time after graduating at home mulling over the possibilities that lay ahead.

I’m desperate for a job – as in, a proper job. Not a summer job, or a part-time job. I’m desperate to get my degree and then head into employment doing something that has made the past 3 years worth it. I have, therefore, itchy feet syndrome.

You see, I love working. I love getting up on a Monday morning knowing I have a full weeks work ahead of me. I love the routine. I love being too busy to function. I love creating something that hundreds of people are going to see i.e. a marketing campaign. I just get such a buzz off working in an office, doing endless amounts of paperwork, and answering the phone. Am I alone in this? I don’t know, you tell me. Last summer I had a 13-week contract with a local university helping people with accommodation and answering their queries. That was my first real experience of working full time, non-stop, 24/7 and I loved coming home knowing I’d be going back the next day.

Last spring I worked in a large regional theater helping with the marketing campaigns. I didn’t have a lot to do, and I often dreaded going, but watching my colleagues and seeing what I could be doing after university got me excited. I get incredibly jealous of people who work full time doing something that I want to do. I’m determined, ambitious, and enthusiastic to the point of nausea so I will get there… trust me on that one. Before my second year I didn’t feel ready to step out into the world of work and actually manage my workload (and other people) but now I’m so ready, I could scream. I’ve had a taste of responsibility and I want more. I think I’m some kind of responsibility vampire – never mind the blood, I want responsibility!

So, where is this post going? Well, I suppose it’s just me getting it all out. Putting these frustrations on (virtual) paper and seeing what comes of it. I don’t mean that I’m expecting someone to read this and give me a full-time job, no. I’m setting myself a challenge. I want to read this next year and think, “Go you! You did it!” I’m up for the challenge. I’m ready to show myself what I’m capable of. And I’m ready to show other people what I’m capable of too, because who doesn’t like a bit of recognition now and then? Now, where on earth do I begin…?