I cannot believe how quickly this week has gone by. To be honest I really wasn’t excited about the Olympics coming to London; I thought it was going to be an absolute nightmare getting around the city.

I seem to be converted; it’s been really easy and hard not to get all excited.

Well today is the big day, there are far too many people in the city, but I’m excited to hide away on our roof (with probably the rest of our building!) and watch the fireworks of the opening ceremonies as we are only a stone’s throw away from the stadium. (okay, there is a building in between, but we’re super close!)

After this, I promise to keep the Olympics to a minimum and I’ll do a weekly update of what I’ve been up to.

I think one of my favourite buildings in the village is the aquatics centre by Zaha Hadid (but wingless and luckily they will be gone with the end of the games) She’s not my favourite architect by a long shot, but I think it’s such an elegant building, especially the shape of the roof.

Opening Ceremonies | Friday 27 July

We are so lucky to be living right across from the Olympic site so last Friday we took some drinks and nibbles up to the roof with a few friends and family (along with the rest of our building!) Someone had set up a tv so we could watch the ceremony from above and on the screen. Some fab views from above:

Swimming | Saturday 28 July

Bright and early Saturday morning we headed over to the Olympic park to watch the swimming heats:

Olympic Park | Saturday 28 July

Having tickets to the swimming meant we could wander around the park, the weather was gorgeous so we stayed for a few hours to soak it all up.

… okay so I NEVER eat McDonalds, but it was hard not to resist visiting the largest one in the world and a little embarrassed to say that I love the timber slatted building. Really simple, just take off the branding and it would be perfect.

Beach Volley Ball | Saturday 28 July (it was a busy day!)

After taking a little break, we headed over to the Horse Guards Parade for the Beach Volleyball in the evening. It’s hard to complain in this queue, watching the ducks in St James Park, not bad at all!

Tennis at Wimbledon | Monday 30 July

After a relaxing weekend lazing in Victoria Park watching some of the events, we headed to Wimbledon for the Tennis:

John Lewis Viewing Platform | Tuesday 31 July

Friends of the family came down for the day so we took them on the DLR (overground train looking over the site) and headed up to John Lewis’ viewing platform. It’s definitely worth the £2 entry as it’s a great view.