As a noob affiliate marketer, and a WordPress devotee, I’m always looking for plugins to make my life a little easier.

I came across a program called WordPress Affiliate Pro, and while I haven’t bought it yet, I’d like to.

Usually, these things come across as the perfect way to throw away money- being ebooks with nothing new to offer, or a program that can be gotten free somewhere else. But this one is different, or at least it seems to be.

There are two main types of affiliate ads: banner (it’s still called a banner ad, even if it’s 125X125), and text.

In either case, it takes forever to log into the affiliate account to grab the code, search out the appropriate keywords, copy/paste/insert link- and you have to do it for each location on each post and page that you want the ads on. Even if you keep a file of the individual codes for easy access, it still takes time to get the links live.

The WordPress Affiliate Pro plugin does all of that for you. You simply install and activate the plugin, and then follow the video’s instructions for adding keywords, affiliate codes, how often you want the links to appear, in what color, etc- and then the plugin does it for you.

For example, all of the links you see here? Yeah, I could have done that through the plugin. And I could have done it across the whole site, instead of just this post.

You know how all those text linking programs like Contera won’t accept you unless you have something like 1000 uniques a day? Yeah, no issue with that here. And you’re getting the full commission by using your own links.

Right now, they’re offering a free trial- a pop-up window when you load the page says 30 days free, and at the bottom of the pitch page it says money back guarantee after 56 days (why 56? I have no idea).

The page doesn’t read like a sales pitch, it just lists all the benefits to the program. And really? Since he explains why you do things like color the links differently, etc, you’re getting extra information on marketing. How could that be a bad thing?

And, get this- he actually is willing to install and activate it for you (with purchase, of course). I’m not kidding. I’m really bloody tempted to try this out myself, but the buy price is a little steep for me in my current marketing efforts.

Right now I’m working on my stores rather than my blogs, but if I start focusing on blogging for income? Well, it would be pretty hard to pass up that plugin.