939b8c7b4ccd4b9abf3e9a4e87a38893In case you’ve been living under a rock, or don’t read my blog, you’ll probably know that on Monday I started my new job as manager of a lovely little Spar just down the road from my house. Since Monday I don’t think that my feet have hit the ground at all. I’ve been off for one day, and even then I ended up in the shop so that I could transfer stock down to my old shop to get rid of it.

It’s been an eye-opener. It’s a fantastic little shop and the sheer volume of customers and sales is shockingly high. I can’t believe so much stock can move off the shelves that quickly. It’s certainly going to be a challenge improving on what’s already a fantastic little store, but I’m sure I will manage it.

In other news, I finally got to meet my friend’s baby son. They’ve finally decided on the name Paul Jack. I’m not a big fan, but hey, he’s not my baby. He’s gone from being Jack to nameless, to Liam to finally Paul. He’s adorable though and hopefully, I’ll get some photographs of him soon! 🙂

Online wise? Well, I honestly can’t remember the last time I sat for more than an hour online. I’m just so busy all the damn time it seems these days. I’m barely updating my Twitter account, which is very unlike me.  So I’m addicted to Twitter.

My latest addiction though is Be A Tycoon on Bebo / Facebook. I’m playing it on both my accounts, it’s a great wee game. And I’m currently in love with the Flo Rida song Right Round. Between that and Lily Allan’s The Fear, I’ve got my songs of the year already!

With all this going on in my life just now, I really can’t wait to book a holiday once I get paid. The boyfriend and I have been looking at everything under the sun (I want to go to Blackpool, he wants to go on a cruise) but I’m sure we will come to some sort of agreement about where to go. We’re already going to T In The Park for the day, to be honest, I don’t think I could deal with camping again. I’m getting too old for nights in a cold tent, to be honest. And yes, I’m aware that I’m only 22. I just feel so old sometimes. So maybe a cruise would be a good idea?

Where are you going on holiday this year? Any ideas for a break that involved roller coasters, no long flights from Scotland and not too hot to keep the boyfriend happy? Preferably not Spain since he has a “thing” about Spain and Italy!

A Whole Lot of Ketchup?

Goodness.  I’ve got some catching up to do.  Here goes.

Friday night, me and Tim went on a date AGAIN.  Strange goings-on around here I tell ya. Instead of doing the typical date thing, we finally got to get our new tattoos.  Don’t judge just yet.  There are people out there who go and tattoo leopard print all over their faces and such, and far be it for me to judge them.  To each his own, but I am not one of those people.  Each and every one of them has a meaning, right down to the color.  Anyway, since we are 100% done having kids, I was in the position to get my official mom tattoo.  I’ve been “deciding” on it since we started procreating, so a ton of thought has gone into this one.

The symbol is a Triskele, which is Celtic in origin and has many different meanings, one of which is the three trimesters of pregnancy.  Kind of a motherhood symbol, if you will.  The letters worked into the three “legs” are my children’s first initials.  Yes, I know the “L” is a little screwy and kind of looks like a shoe off of one of Santa’s helpers.  I’m going to get it tweaked a bit as soon as I get the chance.  Even so, this is by far my favorite.  I have 5 others, which all have a different significance and sentimental value.  You don’t have to tell me I’m pasty or that I have a strange look on my face, either.  I know this.  So, without further adieu…


Saturday, I got a real shocker.  When I was writing my post for that day I never imagined getting a comment that announced that I had received an award.  How sad is it that I got all nervous and sweaty-palmed and giddy?  I am so not exaggerating.  It’s so exciting to find out someone likes your blog enough to give you an award.  So I’m feeling like Sally Field at the Oscars in ’84.  Wanna see it?  Okay!

Here are the rules you have to abide by upon accepting this particular gem.

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

I’ve already thanked her nearly to death, but it’s only fitting that I do it right here for everyone to see. Thank you very very much Lanned.  You quite seriously started my Saturday off with a bang.  Lanned is the author of FTF (Fighting to Function) and she graciously offered this award to me.  What a sweetheart.
2. Share ten things about yourself

This is a tough one.  Let me think…

  1. I’m going bald.
  2. I have serious control issues.
  3. Every time I have ever started a job, I almost immediately got pregnant and had to quit said job because me and pregnant don’t mix.
  4. I had PPD with my first baby, and if anybody wants to comment on that go right ahead.
  5. I have had liposuction.  Didn’t work out too well, now did it?
  6. I once went skiing right off a jagged rocky cliff and lived to blog about it.
  7. I smoke too much, eat too much and don’t exercise too much.
  8. I have an extreme fear of death.
  9. I was once ambushed and attacked by moths and had to end them with a vacuum hose.
  10. My dad threw me into a moving ceiling fan when I was a baby.

3. Pass the award along to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!

  1. Dinomomma
  2. The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom
  3. O My Family
  4. The SAHM Project
  5. Move Over Mary Poppins
  6. Stir Fry Awesomeness
  7. Days on the Creek
  8. Things I Can’t Say
  9. Real Life With Kids
  10. Best of Fates

4. Contact the bloggers and let them know you’ve picked them for the award.

I’m on it!  DONE!!!

Thank you again Lanned.  You are awesome!

All the fathers in my life have no interest whatsoever in this blog, so phooey on them.  I have no intentions of writing an entire post dedicated to dudes who don’t visit here and will never see it, but…Happy Father’s Day guys!  I love you all so very much! xoxo

Phew!  I’m out.