A lot of people know that the American educational system is in trouble. The question do you know how this will affect their economy, their society, and their students. It’s shocking actually. Take a look

  • In eleven states, the graduation rate is around ninety percent for white students, but you can find no state where the same number is true for non-white students.
  • The average U.S. graduation rate for Hispanic and African-American students is less than 68 percent.
  • If in 2015 the average graduation rate would have been 90 percent, the American GDP would have grown by $7.1 billion.
  • People who hold a high school diploma will less like be unemployed, have better jobs, make higher taxable incomes, and will less need social services.

Therefore the company I work for, Covcell.com offered GED Prep scholarships, and the company has done that before. In March 2014, we offered 20 people an online preparation for GED exam totally free. We got so many applications, there are plenty of people who want to learn and look for available help. This is our contribution to fight the US dropout crisis.

Donna Campbell, one of our winners said: “I have been trying to get my GED for years.This pass November I came very close I missed the math by one point. I was so disappointed and hurt I cried for days. I needed this diploma to advance at my job and to start college. I was planning to make 2014 my year but with the bad new I felt like giving up. The person that motives me is my nephew he is now in college and doing very well.  He is my motivation”

Facts about GED

  •  63% of GED takers aspire to attend college or a career training program
  • 500 K people pass the GED each year
  • By 2018 more than 80% of available jobs will require at least a GED diploma
  • In 2014 GED test was renewed
  • New test is much more difficult