Recognizing the talent

photo-of-the=yearSometimes photographers don’t get enough credit for their creativity because they don’t literally draw or paint their work. They use real life. Credit is then given to the camera or the subject. But, good photography is born from the vision  of a creative person. A camera is the tool they use. 100 photographers can take a photo of the same landscape, but each one can use their vision to capture something different. A different emotion, angle, and focus. The nonfiction writer is doing the same. We take real life events and experiences and capture meaning and atmosphere with our own tools:  words. 100 nonfiction writers can write about the same subject, but each one can use their vision to capture a different emotion, angle, and focus. I realize that not everyone who takes a photograph cares about vision. And not  everyone who writes in this genre cares about creativity.

But, for those of us that do, what I’m saying here matters. Having appreciation and respect for the craft can make the difference between the writer who keeps showing up and the one who quits one day because they don’t see the point anymore. Well, there is a point. Real life moves fast. It’s worth documenting. And not just by one narrow viewpoint. If you treat nonfiction writing like a craft, like a skill worth honing, and let your vision be a part of it, then you will be creating something. Recently I came across a photos of a young girl and her mom playing role of photo models. I know that they use these photos for their website about Tutu spodniczki (it’s polish for tutu skirts:) but there so much creativity and passion in these photos that i just love them! here they are




I’m not saying that if you’re a creative and a parent, then get rid of your kids ’cause they’re crampin’ your artsy crafty style. I’m saying that for me, kids and continuous creation didn’t mix – artist and mother are two different roles that I have no interest in combining. I’m grateful for both roles, but I get the most out of them when I separate them. When I dedicate a set time to my children and a separate set time for creating.

This is an important realization for me because, like many moms, I’ve been conditioned to believe that if I’m not spending and enjoying! every minute with my kids then I’m falling short somehow. Which is nonsense.

So, let the UN-conditioning begin. I’m re-conditioning myself to believe – without guilt –  that my children don’t need me all the time. When I think about my own father and the life he lived, and everything he created with his talents, I remember that I had someone very talented to look up to. If I never give myself the time and space I need to use my talents, then I won’t be giving my children the same example my father gave me.

So, if you’re a parent, and you decide to take on this continuous creation challenge, don’t feel guilty about seeking out your support system so you get the space you need to create.

Changing What You’ve Always Done

If nothing in your life seems to be changing, that’s usually the result of your actions not changing.

I know, that seems like common sense, but how many sensible things are you aware of, yet don’t put into action?

I certainly don’t always follow my own advice, or live in harmony with every inspiring quote that I post on facebook.

In fact, recently, I’ve been feeling stuck. I feel like I should’ve started on a lot of things long, long ago. I feel like I should’ve jumped on countless opportunities that I never did.

And it’s not that I literally said “no”,
but rather, my sub-conscience said, “yes… one day”.

“Yes… one day” is not the same as “Yes”.

HUGE difference.

However, your mind can trick you into believing that they are the same.  It’s like when you announce your big plans to do that really cool thing.

You’re saying yes out loud for all to hear.  YES.  I’m doing this.  I’ve decided.  And maybe you will.  But, until you start, until you do, what you’ve really said is “yes… one day”.

And there’s nothing wrong with planning to start something on a future date, unless you get to that point, as I have, where it seems like too much time has passed.

“And then one day you find
Ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run
You missed the starting gun.”

-Pink Floyd

Time marches on in what can feel like a freakishly accelerated manner.  And before you know it, your grand ideas and plans have evolved into nothing more than fleeting thoughts.

I’ve realized that in order for my life to change, I need to approach each day with the idea that I’m going to do things differently.

In the movie, Yes Man, Jim Carrey’s character simply stops saying no to any request, no matter how crazy.

For the rest of us, in real life, for those of us feeling stuck… it’s simply a matter of asking yourself…

What would I normally do in this situation? And then do something entirely different.

Visiting my Edu

Recently I was visiting the headquarter of Educate The USA , a company I work for. They are located in Rochester, NY, it’s a beautiful city.  We are lunching a new online GED course and of course it’s a lot of work with preparation and testing, interviewing people etc. But I have a few hours just for myself. I hope you enjoy these photos.


George Eastman House


Mercury and Wings of Progress


Rochester at night

What do you to think

I love design and but in real life I’m a researcher, recently I was working on the piece about MBA programs, it made me think if maybe I should consider myself joining one of the MBA schools. The only problem is that most of them require GMAT or GRE test score and this test is a bitch. But I found this website Mackmo and they list all kind s of unusual MBA programs even the online MBA programmes without GMAT. I could still keep my work and get the degree using the long distance option, right?

If you’re thirty-something and work regular hours, the consideration of going back to school might seem like a neglected dream. Sandwiched between work plus family or home household tasks, finding the time to be able to go back to a school and waste hours sitting in a classroom is no longer an option. I want to review my dreams back, because nowadays, long distance learning makes all of these dreams a possible reality.I don’t want to spend all my years working without feeling appreciated and when you looks at these 2 infographic it’s pretty clear that MBA degree might be the right solution.

From: MBA Online Program


Also, find оut ahead оf timе аbоut testing requirements аnd hоw exams аrе handled. Sоmе people muѕt drive tо a ѕресifiеd testing location, depending оn соurѕе оf study аnd location оf уоur nearest brick аnd mortar university. Lоng distance learning schools offer mоѕt students thе opportunity o complete exams in a proctored situation, whiсh саn bе accomplished аt a library, a neighboring school оr college, оr within аnу office оr location approved bу уоur school оf choice.




Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson were granted a decree nisi in the High Court, near finalizing their divorce.

The British artist (who prefers to remain unidentified) has created a life-size replica of Saatchi with a hand outstretched ready to strangle anyone who interacts with this piece. The artwork is entitled ‘Playful Tiff’ – the terms Charles used to explain the incident where he fondly placed his hand around Nigella Lawson’s neck at Scott’s eatery in London. Spectators of ‘Playful Tiff’ are invited to put their neck in Saatchi’s hand and capture the historicJ moment with a picture on the mobile phone.

The work is on display at the Jealous Gallery at Crouch End in north London.


Smiles All Around

.1. It’s probably no secret with about page, but one of my favourite things to do is baking, especially for my friends.

.2. I’m an avid online shopper, from clothes to beauty products to our weekly shop.

.3. Peanut butter is my weakness.


.4. And so is our adorable little cat named Sandyt.

.5. Lists are the answer to everything.

.6. I’m an Polish-American living in London for the last 2 years, loving every minute of it! (Speaking Polish too)

.7. I’m always keeping busy with little projects, latest: knitted cushions for the flat.

8. I work as a researcher for Educate the USA, a publisher of online ged classes. Love my job!

Favourite spaces in

As you know I blog about things I love on design, travel, events and food. I work in a 9-5 job in marketing at the moment and am working towards owning my online shop / creative business as soon as possible. today I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite spaces in London. I love visiting the city as much as possible; it is such a creative, fun city, I always come back feeling inspired!
Getting Creative: 
Firstly, Drink Shop Do is a fantastic creative space. It is a cafe, craft space and shop all in one. It’s right by Kings Cross, so it’s a perfect place to go if you’re waiting for a train or just getting off one!
The Make Lounge is also a fun creative cafe too.
A Great Coffee: 
I love coffee so I really indulge in awesome coffee places when I visit London. One of my all time favourites is Monmouth coffee. They have locations in Borough Market, Bermondsey and Covent Garden. Their fresh truffles are amazing too!
Where to Relax:
Another great place is the Victoria and Albert Reading Rooms. Right by the V&A museum, it is a perfect place to go to relax and be surrounded by more design after a day of visiting the museums in that area. The V&A Reading Rooms is an awesome place- you can browse the fantastic selection of books with a nice glass of red wine in your hand, as it also has a lovely wine bar.
In the summer months, the Scoop is a great place to visit. It’s an outside sunken ampitheatre which hosts free music, theatre and concerts. It’s in a great location to have a walk by the river too. Perfect for summer!
Finally, one of my favourite places in London is Primrose Hill. Not only is it a beautiful, relaxing park, it also has a fantastic view over London. Really recommended!
This week’s blog love is from the lovely Hannah of Sparrow + Spark

Inspiring Nano Garden Kitchen

Today I am super passionate about the benefits of well-designed spaces and products. Design directly affects the way we live. I believe that good design helps us express ourselves, it helps us be more efficient and effective, it helps us to be aware of our environment, think about our choices and enjoy life’s little and big moments.

That’s why when I stumbled across the Kitchen Nano Garden concept, I got super excited and wanted to share about it right away!


This kitchen brings hydroponic agriculture right into your home. It allows you to sustainable grow a lot of your own food products, controlled by you and free from pesticides and other chemicals. The food industry is one that we need, yet one that also is causing us major problems. I think that being more individually involved in our own food could help relieve some of those issues and can also encourage a more sustainable and mindful life. Unfortunately, not all of us have access to green spaces or have the right seasonal conditions to substantially cultivate our own gardens. The Kitchen Nano Garden provides an interesting solution and is one example among the growing tend toward living/sustainable kitchens.

This compelling idea is the result of a collaboration between Hyundai E&C and Ill-woong Kwon of Gromo. I believe it is still in concept phase, but it won the Silver Award at the International Design Excellence Awards. It’s definitely an idea I would like to learn more about. How about you?

Naturally, I couldn’t help imagine what it would be like to incorporate this concept into existing kitchen schemes. In the name of inspiration, I think the following kitchens may blend well with some of the features from the Kitchen Nano Garden:


Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you are making use of simple design principles and innovation to live your best life.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Five | Recently

What a fabulously busy week it’s been! Since I got a little busy a didn’t have time to do a proper ‘Five’ post yesterday, I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve been up to recently.

What a week! It has definitely been a hectic one. Last weekend we spent the time joining in on London’s Canada Day celebrations. It was great seeing Trafalgar Square full of fellow Canadians decked out in Red, White and Roots!

Monday came around and it started off with a few days of late nights getting ready for a client meeting. Fingers crossed it all goes well! The week has also been filled with  imagery which clearly is influencing today’s Five post.

1) I’ve been on a bit of a mad baking spree and I’ve discovered this amazing homemade granola recipe . It’s super simple, just takes a bit of time, plus makes loads.

(2) Another little discovery were these fabulous lemon crinkle cookies  although mine didn’t turn out so pretty, they were mighty tasty.

(3) I finally finished knitting my first pillow! It’s missing it’s pair, but finally one is done as it’s been months since I first started it.


(4) It seems like it was a week of shows this week. First went to Magic Mike on Wednesday. (Beautiful men and awkwardly funny, but definitely not the best film I’ve seen recently) This was one-up’ed by the Blood Brothers Musical my mum took to to last night. Absolutely fabulous! Again, not the best, but such a good story and great music.

(5) Lastly, I’ve been trying to get my outfits ready for my Brother’s four-day Tuscan wedding extravaganza in September and I found these fabulous Nine West shoes (on sale!)

Have a fabulous weekend!


Welcome to our white kitchen

It feel like the week has just flown by again. It was possibly helped with the lovely long weekend we had. Unfortunately I haven’t attended to dot dot dash and much as I would have like to this week, but as I said last week, life gets in the way some times.

Let’s make an entrance…

FINALLY! All the hard work over the past several weeks is really starting to show! As I’ve mentioned a few times, we’ve been trying to give own flat some much needed love without breaking the bank.

We bought our first flat a few years ago, so that we could get on the property ladder. Our hope was to do very little to it, but over the last year or so we’ve really started to lack in storage and our kitchen was needing a little bit of love.

So a white kitchen, “not so bad, just a little messy” you might say, but we were desperately needing more storage. Our ikea floating shelves weren’t long enough, and more ikea hacking to hold our microwave and bins. The stovetop / hob had already been replaced before we took photos, but you can only imagine!

Lastly, the timber effect back-splash that runs along the whole kitchen was not useful / not high enough causing some of our favourite meals to start staining the white wall behind.




Although we don’t have the space to achieve the grandness of this white kitchen, for us it was more about the details of this kitchen:

1. We wanted to maintain the white kitchen

2. We loved the white subway tiles as a back-splash and;

3. We wanted a built in shelving unit that could store everything we needed, hide our bins a little better and give a home to our microwave and nespresso machine.

And here’s how it turned out:

The new white subway tiled back-splash looks great against the black and aluminium detailing.


A new built-in shelving unit: we now no longer fear our glasses crashing down from the unstable ikea floating shelves; the lower shelves are in line with the counter for a cleaner look. Having a built in shelving unit meant we could clear out some of the clutter in the cupboards and pick up these mason jars:

Still missing:

We are missing one last thing though … a clock to go above the sink.

We’ve looked at some beautiful progetti clocks and I’m loving the plywood clock I posted last week … But still nothing has been quite right either size-wise or look-wise. So the search continues! I promise to post it once that’s bought and up!

If you’ve got any ideas for a simple clock, ideally not all black, I would love to hear / see them.