Graphic Design and Advertising Education

Advertising is a unique industry that harnesses creativity to attract public attention. It is tremendously exciting and full of personal rewards due to its changing nature. The substance of this profession is creativity, requiring you to continually look for innovative ways to capture the attention of your audience. So here we’ll take a closer look at Graphic Design and Advertising Education.

Because of the competitiveness of the advertising industry, it is often difficult to get your foot in the door without the proper training or experience. Choose a school below and request information.

Start A Career in Advertising and Design!

A career in advertising design offers an opportunity to combine creativity and hard work. In order to excel in this field, you must have an obvious esthetic sense and the ability to communicate with others and deal well with problems.

If you wish to develop these skills, consider attending an advertising design school. At an advertising design school, you will learn about the latest design techniques and you will build a strong design portfolio.

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun – Should creative persons explain or defend their work?

I struggle with this sometimes. I find myself over-explaining and wanting others to know exactly why something is meaningful to me. I, then, realize later that I should have let it go and welcome different perspectives. And therein lies the gift between Artist and viewer — allowing space for people to be affected in a way that best serves them. So the question is: “If creativity is intelligence having fun, should creative persons explain or defend their work?”

Creatives are like parents and letting go can be hard, but it’s necessary.

Steven Pressfield compares a work-in-progress to an unborn fetus and warns against talking about your work prematurely while it’s still being developed. I can relate to how that can sabotage work before it’s at least close to completion. But, when it’s done, it’s done.

At some point, you gotta let your baby go. You can’t protect her forever.

Should a creative person explain or defend their work?

That’s a question I asked myself, recently, as I was explaining a piece to a friend. And, here’s how I’ve been thinking about it lately — If I make perfect interpretation my main objective, I’m going to end up needlessly disappointed, and too often, it ends up being a selfish pursuit.

New education project kick-off

I’m super excited, after almost 3 months of hard work of my colleagues and I, our free GED online classes are ready for students. We cooperate with for the best results! The GED (General Education Development) program is aimed at helping adults improve their career options and giving them a chance to access higher education if they pass the GED exam. What a great new education project kick-off!!!

In the US there are around 40 million adults who do not have a high school diploma or equivalent. So I’m very excited about our new education project kick-off for people who need a secondary education degree. Just take a look at this video where is explained how to get the diploma fast.

More than 500,000 people complete the GED exam every year. The GED exam consists of four sections: Language Arts (reading and writing combined), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Our GED prep classes allow online preparation and are free of charge, they consist of online lessons with audio and questions that check your comprehension of the topic that was mentioned in the lesson.

We also work on extensive guidelines for students about effective studying. I thought this subject can be also interested for you so here is a summary. Do you want to check your knowledge? Try these free GED Practice Tests by that we helped develop to get you all set for the GED, I can assure you it’s not that easy.

What words are worth according to Rory Sutherland

I read Rory Sutherland’s engaging blog post in Campaign today validating the continuing need for great copy in advertising. The only thing it was missing was a purposeful discussion on the subject within the digital world, so that’s what I’ll attempt here.

In our digital industry, we are seduced by the ever-expanding list of things technology allows us to do, in one click, we have access to tests validating our career choices, apps telling us how to develop our career path and so on and on… With the emergence of technologies, we exist in a wonderland of visual excitement and pioneering knowledge.

It’s a great place to be. Even glancing back for a moment, our industry has been one that has up till now been sustained by audiovisual excitement of subservient poultry, wayward balloons and smartphone apps that really do make it look as if you are drinking that beer. We have been the Willy Wonka to the Cadbury factory of the good old traditional ads.

What About The Leashed Class?

I want to rant. I want to shout out to everyone about what happens in our neighborhood (I affectionately call “The Sac”) and how jaw-dropping some of it is. I want to rant and blow each and every one of you away about some of the egocentric, disrespectful, and yet seemingly ‘nice’ neighbors we have and what they do. What do they think? What about the Leashed Class? I want to blow you all way.

But I can’t. Nope. I was stupid enough brilliant enough when I started this blog to reach into the future in my mind’s eye and see all the damage I would do with such rants. I decided that extended family and neighbors were definitely out of bounds. What was I thinking!?!?

Half, okay maybe ¾ of what ticks me off has happened recently in our neighborhood. (pulling out my hair – ouch). My heart is screaming, “Tell them, just tell them. They won’t believe it either”, sign. But I can’t. I can, however, tell you things about the city/neighborhood I live in.

Some of it is great. Where we used to live (we moved a year ago) on the other side of this metropolis wonderland, everyone was down to earth. They (we) were part of the true middle class; struggling to make a better life for themselves and their children.

Great success is about more than money

All successful people agree that they were successful because they wanted to do something with their life. They wanted their life to mean something before they left this world. They then set about achieving these goals and as a result, they got rich. Well, great success is about more than money!

Several of the people interviewed by Richard St. John, himself very successful, said they would happily pay someone to do what they were now doing. Education is the key to a rewarding career and a successful life so give it all you’ve got. They enjoyed it that much.

So ask yourself this question, “What do I want my life to mean?”

Then write down your dream life as if it has happened, really see it in your mind’s eye, write down what you will have to give up to achieve that, write a plan to start you on the path to success, lastly write down one simple thing you will do each day to get there.

Our Office Is No Longer Haunted


Throughout the week of Halloween, our office becomes haunted. It used to just be small questionable events, like the lights flickering on and off, or the stapler running out of staples. Did a satanic ghost take all of the staples? Maybe, or maybe it was just your imagination. But this year was different… Fortunately, our office is no longer haunted…

I brought in donuts last Monday to kick off the week with a sugary boost of happiness. Of course, I don’t want to give my employees the idea that anything is free, so I charge $2 per donut. It works out to where I end up making money from the donuts since I picked them up super cheap before the bakery closed Friday night.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying them until one of our senior employees, Fred, began ranting on about how stale they looked and how he can’t afford to buy one. I probably should have ignored him, but this wasn’t the first time he gave me shit. So, instead, I said “It’s your sales numbers that are stale, Fred. Maybe if you had hit your quota last week, you could afford a donut.” Fred stormed off back to his desk, cursing under his breath.

About an hour later, I received an email from him. “You are unfair! Your head must be stuck far up your ass!” As I typed out my reply, my fingers felt like they were being pulled from key to key like a possessed Ouija board. I read it back to myself, and it said: “Watch it, Fred, or I’ll stick your head in the water cooler.“Perfect! I hit send and got back to work.

How decided should you be when submitting your college applications?

Some years ago, I submitted my college applications, and I remember wondering often if I was sure enough of where I wanted to go to school. Now, my girl is beginning to think about applying to schools, and she’s feeling anxious because she’s really not sure where she wants to go still. But okay, she’s still got some months of high school to finish, though time seems to be flying. So let’s see: how decided should you be when submitting your college applications?

Obviously, before turning in college applications, you have a nice variety of colleges to choose from. But once application due dates start hitting, your options will become much narrower. This can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing, depending on how you want to look at it. But whichever way, it’s important to feel at least some level of certainty with the schools you chose to apply to.

You want each school you send an application to be a potential choice for you, not just some school you choose for the sake of choosing. Unless you, or rather your parents, have enough money to apply to schools simply for bragging rights, applying to schools on a whim is going to cost a lot of money (and time). Here are some ways of helping to feel good about your choices:

Search Engine Marketing – How It Can Help Your Creativity

Search engine marketing is a way to gain more visibility and more traffic on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN by using contextual advertising, paid placements and paid inclusions. So let’s check out Search Engine Marketing – How it can help your creativity.

Basically, search engine marketing can be done successfully in two ways; increasing visibility through search engine marketing (SEO) and getting online traffic via paid advertising such as PPC campaigns, banner ads and so on. So let’s see how Search Engine Marketing can help your creativity.

Search engine optimization is often carried out to improve the rank of a website on the major search engine, and to increase its online presence, which will automatically result in much more traffic to a site that is being optimized.

More traffic being driven to your professional website creation mans more potential buys and money for you!

The magic of storytelling – in life, work, and relationship

Even if you have a boring life, and spend all your time home alone, watching TV, and playing mafia wars, you still have something to share.  It may not be an exciting life, but it’s your life… it may seem less-than-ordinary, but it’s still unique in some way.  No two people on this earth are having the exact same experiences, thoughts, or feelings. Maybe similar at times, but not exact. So in this post, we’ll take a closer look at the magic of storytelling – in life, work, and relationship.

Your experiences are unique and, therefore, valuable.
There are lessons to be learned even in the dullest of circumstances.

Yet, time and time again we leave out what makes us most unique.  Our Stories.
When you leave out your story, all that’s left is generic advice.
How many articles should I read that tell me how to save money?  Does that tell me how I should write? How I should manage my time?  How I should set goals?  Or how I should market my business?